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CTU News & Notes Compiled by Tracy Radich, 1st Vice President 12/6/16

Cleveland Teachers Union  News & Notes

Compiled by Tracy Radich, 1st Vice President    December 6, 2016

News & Notes is intended to be a weekly publication.  Please make sure that you are receiving N & N from your Chair or checking on the CTU website for the latest N & N.


A joint message regarding required training videos was sent from Jillian Ahrens and Victoria Brian.  Here is the message:

On December 1, the District sent out an email regarding the four annual, mandatory online training and asked all staff members to complete this required training.  This required training should take approximately one and a half hours to complete.  Professional Development Hours of 1.5 PD hours will be provided towards CEUs.

The required training is the following group for school year 16-17:

Sexual Harassment

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Ohio Ethics Law

Blood Borne Pathogens for School Employees

Please review the options below regarding how to complete this training group.  The completion deadline is on or before March 1, 2017.

*  Your APT team and Principal can agree to use the 100 minutes of professional time to complete the training (per Article 9, Section 2).

*  Your UCC and Principal can agree to use the Professional Days on January 9 and/or February 17 to complete the training (per Article 9, Section 7).
*  Your Principal can use his/her monthly Staff Meeting times for the remaining months to complete the training group (per Article 9, Section 2).
*  You can combine the above options to cover 1.5 hours

If sufficient time is not identified  with your principal and /or bargaining unit group within the professional time, professional days, or staff meetings to complete the required training, please ask a staff member or principal to  send this information to Jillian Ahrens and Victoria Brian to assist in identifying time.


Mark Baumgartner is pleased to announce that the Master Teacher committee is functioning again in the District. For this school year because of the late start, there will only be one cohort of Master Teacher starting in the second semester.  To learn more about the process, we invite you to come to one of the following information sessions (click on the link to register if you plan to attend):

·         Wednesday, December 7, 2016 at Max Hayes High School from 3:15 pm to 4:15 pm. OR 

·         Tuesday, December 13, 2016 at East Professional Center from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm. 

Additionally, representatives from Cleveland State University will be on hand to share about the teacher leader endorsement for those who are interested in pursuing the Lead Professional Educator License.


Michelle Rzucidlo wants to make sure that all members are aware that at the November 22nd Board of Education meeting, the 2016-17 school year calendar was officially amended.  The Board approved Friday, December 23, 2016, as a half-day of school with Open House dismissal hours.  Early schools will dismiss at 11:00/11:20.  Late schools will dismiss at 12:30/12:50.


Workday will officially open on December 17.   All members should log into Workday on December 19 and verify the following:  Name is correct, bank is correct (or pay card info is correct), work place and position are correct, sick day balance is correct, personal info is correct.  CTU members DO NOT check in and check out each day.  CTU members DO NOT need to log in each day to Workday.  All additional work that is done at the school level that requires additional compensation need to be entered into the Workday system for payment to be issued. 


Please keep your pay stub on December 16.  Use this to verify number of sick and personal days that are transferred into Workday when it officially goes live.  Check balance of sick and personal days in Workday on December 19.  Your December 16 and December 30 paychecks will be issued under the current payroll practices.  The paycheck that is issued on January 13 will be the first paycheck issued using the new Workday system.  No paystubs will be mailed.  All paystubs will be available online through Workday.  This paycheck will cover the pay period of December 17 – December 30.  The pay period of December 31 – January 13 will be paid on January 27.  Technically, you are paid 2 weeks after you verify the information submitted in Workday.


The office referral form is a bargained form that is on page 160 of the CBA.  Schools cannot and should not have other forms developed at the school level.  The official referral form is a document with the offenses on the back side of the referral.  Official forms were resent to all Chairs by Jillian Ahrens last week.   Each referral that is written should have an administrator response that goes back to the referring teacher per Article 15, Section 4, C. All members have a right to know the discipline that was issued from the appropriate administrator. 


REI (Removal for Educational Intervention) Forms were sent to all Chairs from Jillian Ahrens to be shared with all members.  These forms can be used should a child be consistently or flagrantly disruptive or disrespectful, or one of the other listed offenses on the form (Article 15, Section 5).  Every school has the right to use REI.  If you have any questions, please let Jillian Ahrens ( know.


Jillian wants to remind all paraprofessionals that evidence collection for Domains 1 & 4 is due on December 16.


Cassandra Carter and the Social Committee invites all CTU members to enjoy holiday cheer on Friday, December 16 at the CTU Holiday Party.  The party will from 4-7 PM at Club Impulse Holiday Inn at Rockside Road.


Kurt Richards has a bleak political report for educators.  Ohio House and Senate added additional Republicans to their super majority.  The Ohio Senate gained one additional Republican legislator leaving 9 Democrats to 24 Republicans.  The impact of ESSA is determined on the state level and likely will be voted on by the Ohio House and Senate in the spring.  Lame duck session is under way now.  Remember that it is a lame duck session of the Ohio Legislature that brought about the 3rd Grade Reading Guarantee and all of the requirements that go along with it including RIMPs, scores for passage to grade 3, etc.  Kurt along with so many others in education are disappointed in the choice for the next Secretary of Education, Betty DeVos.  She is for expansion of charter schools and is opposed to any oversight for charter schools. She has never attended a public school for K-12 or for college her kids have never attended a public anything.  There are state and national implications for all teachers coming down the road.  We all need to be aware and pay attention to what is coming and the impact that we may be able have.


The window for K-10 administration of NWEA is November 28 – December 15. The following table outlines the reading cut scores used by our district to determine if a child is on-track or off-track for reading. The cut scores determine if a student must be placed on a mandatory RIMP for the reminder of the school year.

          Fall            Winter        Spring

K                     25(KRA)      144             150

1st                    150             162             168

2nd                  168             174             180

3rd                   180             185             190

In order for students in third grade to pass to the fourth grade (unless exempted per the statute) must pass the state reading assessment (OST) or they must score 190 or higher on the Winter or Spring administration of NWEA.

All of this is a part of legislation called The Third Grade Reading Guarantee.  This legislation was passed by the state legislature during the lame duck session in December 2012.


Because of the extension of the SLO timeline the Encore post test window for administering the test is now:

  • Wednesday, December 7 through Tuesday, December 20.


The district and CTU negotiations teams continue to meet in the month of December.  After members of the CTU and the Board rejected the TA – that allows for all areas of the CBA to be open for talks.  In addition to the items that were identified by members as a priority for continued discussion – the district has also identified additional areas as negotiations topics.  Negotiations sessions have been scheduled for December and January.  Talks will continue for the foreseeable future.


The Cleveland Teachers Union Local 279 is pleased to announce that the is live and taking custom orders now. The Legislative Committee introduced samples at Delegate Assembly of this new apparel. As of today, the site is live and you can order your custom union made and printed gear. Check it out:  If you have any questions, contact Elisa Kazek (


Class size and caseload overages are reported 8 times a year at each interim period and at the end of each marking period.  Payment for class size and caseload overages are paid in a separate check at the completion of the school year but no later than July 15.  Overage limits are in Article 10 of the CBA (begins on page 36).  Article 10 Section 1 states:  “The class size for grades K-3 shall be 25 including ESP.  For grades 4-8, the class size shall be 28, including ESP.  For grades 9-12, the class size shall be 30 including art and music (excluding choir, band, orchestra and similar activities). For grades 9-12 PE, class size shall be 33.  Class size limits and case load limits for special education and RSP begin on page 38 of the CBA.  Forms and appropriate documentation (not copies of IEPs) are turned in at each interim and each marking period.  Interim 2 forms and documentation is due on December 2.


Mary Moore wants to make sure everyone is aware of the new Grievance forms that are available on the CTU website. On Monday, a slight change was made to the wording at the bottom of the new Step I Grievance form.  New forms were sent to all Chairs and are posted on the CTU website.  The new forms have an improved layout with instructions and include an email address that should be used to submit forms:


All members that have a certificate or license must have an IPDP on file BEFORE taking coursework or PD for CEUs.  Everyone should do an IPDP right after their license is renewed.  Once approved that is your IPDP until after your next license is issued.   You DO NOT write one before coursework and a second one after you have taken all of the coursework.  Jim Wagner and Bonnie Hedges will come to schools to help with IPDPs if there are more than 4 people interested in a session.  Building Chairs need to contact Jim (jwagner@ctu279 if you use his CMSD email it is James Wagner) to set up a day and time for the IPDP Session.  Jim Wagner (, Bonnie Hedges ( and Tracy Radich ( can send you your username and password as well answer individual questions about the IPDP and IPDP process.


This is a message from Mark Baumgartner:  It is never too early to start thinking about the Ohio State Tests (OSTs)  that are happening in the spring of 2017. With Safe Harbor going away next year the results of these tests will produce a Value Added score for the students and will also be used as the 35% of a teacher's evaluation for next school year 2017-2018.  

One of the things the district and CTU are teaming up on is the sharing of tips and tools for teachers and students starting now and going until the beginning of the OSTs.  This week is the first one and it deals with just getting the students familiar with the computer and how to navigate for the state tests.  There are two tutorials and each one lasts about 7 1/2 minutes.  They deal with signing in and navigating the test itself.  The link is at the bottom of this message and it takes you to the Outreach tab of School Net.  In the middle of the page is "The Bulletin Board".  The first item is an update on the new SLO timeline for teachers and school teams.  The second item is the OST Tip #1.  This is where the two tutorials are found.  This should help our students so the OSTs in the spring aren't a test of a student's computer ability but rather a true test of a student's grasp of content and knowledge.

Contact Mark Baumgartner if you have any questions about this or anything else related to testing and growth measures.



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