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As of today (December 11) all music, art, and physical education teachers on the recall list have been contacted.  If a member did not answer their phone or return the phone message a letter was sent in U.S. mail notifying the person of their impending recall.  The deadline for some people to contact HR is Wednesday, for some people it is Thursday (everyone has 5 days – it depends on which day the letters were mailed).  HR Partners will begin to call teachers on the K-8 list tomorrow for math and reading intervention positions.

Principals have not been notified yet of what additional allocations their building will be receiving.  The number of teachers available to work in positions is still unknown as HR is still waiting to hear from a number of employees (as described above).  After Thursday, HR will be able to determine the total number of art, music, and physical education allocations available and begin the process of assigning allocations to various K-8 schools.  Friday would be the very earliest (in my opinion) that HR would be able to begin to notify principals the allocations that will restore the school day. 

In my last update I stated that Laid-off teachers are able to access CMSD email.  To be clear it is ONLY the laid-off teachers in the areas where there are postings at the Innovative Schools.  That means only those teachers in art, music, phys. Ed., and K-8 have access to CMSD email.  Teachers on other recall lists will not have restored access to CMSD email.  This restoration of email is to allow these teachers the opportunity to apply if they are interested in a position at a New and Innovative School. 

Please note that in K-8 schools grades will be due in the computer WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 16.  Report cards have to be printed before master schedules can be changed in the computer.  In order for the school day to be restored on January 22, it is important for K-8 teachers to input grades by the 16th

I will keep you updated throughout this process.

In Union,