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As of today (12/12/12) the District has begun to recall teachers on the K-8 recall list to math and reading intervention positions.  Please be patient as HR makes these calls.  The list of people being called is divided up among the people that work in HR.  Today, some of the people that are making calls were pulled into another meeting to deal with a different situation with our members.  In those 2 hours they were not able to make their calls.  So what happens is that recalls are done in seniority order, but the phone calls are not done in order.  It all depends on whose call list one is on.  The calls will continue through the rest of this week.

HR will be presenting as much information as they have available to principals tomorrow at the principal meeting.  Principals should be informed of the number of allocations they will have to restore the school day at this meeting.

Not all splits will be eliminated for the second semester.  Media will continue to be split among 2 schools (there is no media recall list) and there are other splits that will not be able to be eliminated due to the number of encore teachers available for recall.  Splits that continue to exist will flip flop in the second semester (three day school becomes two day school and vice versa).

Postings for New & Innovative School open positions close today.

On a separate note, Continuing Contract Application is not posted yet.  It is being worked on and hopefully will be out next week.  When it is available, we will post it on our website.


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