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Just a reminder to everyone that November is Open Enrollment month.  If you are currently enrolled in the medical, drug, vision, or life insurance plans are satisfied with your benefit coverage you DO NOT need to take any action.  However, I strongly recommend that you go online to verify what is listed in the computer for you is accurate and to review premiums. 

You must go online if any of the following apply to you:

  • You want to make changes to current medical, dental, or life insurance coverage.
  • You have previously opted-out of benefits.  You must opt-out every year.
  • You have previously opened a Flexible Spending Account, you must renew every year.  The amount that you selected for 2013 WILL NOT carry over.
  • You would like to open a Flexible Spending Account.

A Flexible Spending Account is an IRS pre-tax dollar benefit covering healthcare as well as child and dependent care.

Per the CBA, there are two types of Flexible Spending Accounts.  One is for un-reimbursed medical, drug, dental, or vision expenses that occur over the calendar year.  In general, if you anticipate out-of-pocket expenses not covered by health care (braces, Lasik surgery, deductibles, copays) you can enroll and have pre-tax payroll deduction to cover expenses.  While these pre-tax dollars go into an account, they do not continually roll-over.  If you do not use those dollars in the specified time period you lose those dollars.  Please see page 11 of the Open Enrollment Benefits Summary on the CMSD website, or www.healthscopebenefits.com for more information.

The second is for dependent care which helps pay for child care or costs for the care of dependent adults unable to take care of themselves. Please see page 11 of the Open Enrollment Benefits Summary on the CMSD website or www.healthscopebenefits.com for more information.

To make any changes, opt-out, renew a Flexible Spending Account, or enroll for a Flexible Spending Account go to go to the CMSD website, click Teachers Links on the homepage, then click Open Enrollment. You will need your pin number.  Pin numbers were U.S. mailed at the end of October.  If you need a pin number you can email gracie.cole@clevelandmetroschools.org.

All changes must be made by midnight on November 30.  Please do not wait until it is too late.  If you have specific questions that you need answered by the Employee Benefits Department you can call (216)838-0071.

In Union,