Quolke's Corner #139

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Last night CTU Member Mobilization and CMSD sent emails to notify every one of the plan that has been agreed upon to restore the student school day in the second semester (a letter is also posted on the CTU website).  There are many intricacies of this plan and this will be the first of several updates to help keep everyone aware of what is happening and where we are in implementing the school day restoration plan.
Starting tomorrow (December 6, 2012) Human Resources Partners will begin calling teachers from the art, music, and physical education recall lists to notify them of the timeline for recall and determine number of teachers available in each subject area.  These calls will continue through Friday.  Once those calls are complete, then the HR Partners will begin to call people on the K-8 recall list.  The calls to the people that are on the K-8 list will begin next week.  Please do not panic if you do not have a call by Friday.  HR cannot make calls out to notify recalls, while they are answering calls to find out when recalls will happen.
The new allocations that will be assigned to each school - have not been determined yet.  These final allocations will be determined after the recall phone calls are made this week and next week.  The plan is for all principals to be notified by HR of their new allocations next week.
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