Quolke's Corner #140

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     As of today (December 7), HR Partners working on calling teachers that are on the physical education, art, and music lists.  No K-8 recalls have started.
     Yesterday, positions that are going to be restored at the New & Innovative Schools were posted internally yesterday.  All current teachers and teachers that will be recalled are eligible to apply.  The postings were sent to CMSD emails.  Laid-off teachers are able to access CMSD email.  If you are laid-off and interested in applying for one of these positions, you will need to call the Help Desk to have your password reset.  The number is (216) 432-6232.  Even if you have not been called yet, you may apply.  The posting will close after 5 days, so the window is short.  Call and get your password reset, if you are interested in interviewing for one of those positions.  In the end, only those teachers that are going to be recalled will be able to accept a position.  I just want to be clear that those who are laid-off can apply.  Only those that are recalled can accept.  If one waits for the call from HR before contacting the Help Desk one may miss the window to apply and be interviewed.  Please only apply for positions that you are certificated to teach.  Looks to me like the openings are:  Kenneth Clement (Reading Intervention), Warner GLA (Math Intervention & Reading Intervention), Douglas MacArthur (Math Intervention), Douglas MacArthur/Warner (Art), Campus International (Music & Art).
I will continue to update everyone throughout this process.
In Union,