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Happy New Year to all and I hope that you had the opportunity to do have all of the fun, relaxation, and time with loved ones that you needed and desired.  Over break a number of laid off science teachers were recalled to OGT preparation and credit recovery positions.  The district was awarded a grant to aid in preparing high school students for OGT.  Science teachers were recalled to implement this course and credit recovery  This was unexpected good news for these educators and for the students and schools that will benefit from this intervention.

On January 14, recalled art, music, physical education, and K-8 teachers begin their recall with training and professional development.  It is the intention of the district to email all of these recalled teachers on January 9 with their assignments and details regarding the training the week of January 14. 

It is the district's intention to update each school's roster (ESWEB I believe) and send that to each K-8 principal on January 9 and January 10.  When principals receive this updated roster, it will have all of the full time, part time, and new to building teachers that are assigned to the building.  This needs to be consistent with the guidelines that were agreed to by Eric and I in December.  Following those signed guidelines has let every member know where they will be assigned.  This roster will (should) confirm these assignments.  If not please contact the CTU or email Tracy Radich, Shari Obrenski, or Jillian Ahrens.

The window to input grades was opened today.  We have notified the district that the note on ESchool indicates that grades are due January 22.  I know that Eric and I signed an agreement that the grades at K-8 schools would be due by 7:00AM on January 16.  It was necessary to shorten the timeline in K-8 schools so that report cards could be printed and then new schedules input into the computer system in order for the school day to be restored on January 22.  Our members called yesterday to let us know that the window was not open and the system says and that they were told by people in ESchool that all grades were due on January 22.  I want to try to honor the agreement that Eric and I signed and did notify appropriate people of the error.  The window was opened today and I hope that the due date is corrected on the computer screen tomorrow.

Contract negotiations will begin soon.  All members will be given the opportunity to complete a survey of issues.  I will also be sending members a lot of information regarding the Cleveland Plan legislation and how that impacts our contract negotiations. 

In Union,