Quolke's Corner 2/6/12

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On Monday night I was invited to the Mayor’s Office with the State House legislators that represent areas of Cleveland to hear Mayor Jackson reveal his new education plan. The plan has an academic component and a legislative component. Much of this plan was written about in the Plain Dealer this morning. This plan is long on ideas but short on details.
Much of what I heard highlighted partnerships that we already have in this district. An Innovative schools portfolio with MOUs allowing for longer school days and a longer school year, Peer Assistance and Review, an Evaluation and Development System that is leading the work of the state, just to mention some. This shows that collective bargaining does work and that we are able to work together for the betterment of the school district.
Much of the Mayor’s plan centers around legislative changes. Eliminating seniority, changing tenure, starting the CBA from scratch - all require changes to state law. While Mayor Jackson shared his concept of what this looks like – it has to be written into legislation that the state Senate and House can take action on. We do not have this legislation. The Democratic legislators from this area do not have this legislation. Ultimately this legislation will be in the hands of the governor and the Republican controlled Ohio legislature.
This afternoon, the Governor is giving his State of the State speech – and I am sure he will reference this Cleveland plan. We will watch that closely and we will have a more in depth update and information for all members tomorrow at your Early Release Day.
In Union,