Quolke's Corner 5/16/12

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As the end of the school year quickly approaches many questions remain regarding next school year.  With the layoff of over 500 CTU members, many concerns have been raised regarding how the district will staff schools.  The staffing and sharing of encore teachers (elective teachers) was created purely by the district and seems to be made up as they go along – so it leaves everyone with a myriad of questions and concerns.  The plan for splitting encore teachers was NOT a result of any negotiations – nor was it developed with any consultation with the CTU.  We continue to direct concerns and questions to the district and will continue to work on clarifying matters for our members.   

I want to make sure all CTU members are updated on where we are in Negotiations.  A crucial vote will occur before the end of the school year and I need all CTU members to be prepared to respond to the upcoming fact-finders report.

As I reported two weeks ago, if the CTU and the CMSD were unable to reach a negotiated contract agreement on wages (that is all that is open for negotiations in this re-opener) that we would proceed to Fact-Finding.  Fact- Finding is a formal procedure outlined in Ohio Revised Code in which both sides present their position to a Fact Finder on what an agreement should look like and why.  Upon conclusion, the Fact Finder will issue a report and both sides vote to approve or reject the report. 


Last week, on Wednesday, May 9, we began our two day Fact Finding with Fact Finder Betty Widgeon from Michigan.  Our Fact Finding is scheduled to be concluded on May 17, however, the Fact Finder has already agreed to stay and work with us on May 18 if both sides have not completed their cases by the end of the day on Thursday.

Once the Fact Finding is concluded, the Fact Finder is required by our collective bargaining agreement to issue a report/recommendation no later than Tuesday, May 29.  The members of the CTU and the Board of Education will have an opportunity to vote on this recommendation.  If either side rejects the recommendation, then we go back to negotiations with a federal mediator, if impasse is reached then we may need to proceed with a job action.  By state of Ohio law:

To reject a fact finder’s report, 60% of the entire membership must vote NO

Remember this is 60% of the entire membership not just 60% of the people that actually vote.  So, I ask you all to please make sure that your Chapter Chair has your current personal email and that you check your email frequently and the CTU website for updates.

CTU members will vote on the Fact Finder’s report before the end of the school year.  We will determine the dates of voting and member date of the Information Session before the Fact Finder’s Report is returned and list the dates in upcoming emails and on the CTU website.

In Union,