Quolke's Corner 07/24/09

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The Voluntary Transfer Fair will be held on Tuesday, August 4 at EastTechHigh School from 9:00AM to 2:00PM. The Necessary Transfer Meeting will be held on Thursday, August 13 at BBB. Anyone who is still identified as a necessary transfer will receive a letter in the U.S. mail after the Voluntary Transfer Fair with their time to arrive at BBB to select a new position. 
The Voluntary Transfer Fair is open to all teachers interested in interviewing for another position in a different building. The only teachers that are not eligible to participate are teachers that have already accepted a position as a part of the voluntary process that has been taking place this summer. Teachers are only allowed to make one voluntary move per summer.
The Open Position List is updated almost daily on the CTU website. Each day that there is a change to the list it is sent to the CTU from HR and updated on the website. If there is a position on the Open Position List that you are interested in interviewing for, then we recommend that you send an Interest to Interview Form to that principal and CTU Chair. Principals and Building Chairs will review and determine which candidates to interview (there are only so many appointments in one day) and an appointment will likely be scheduled for you. However, personnel selection committees (PSC) will also be able to interview people on the spot on the day of the Voluntary Fair (if there are open slots on their interview schedule). 
On the day of the Fair a teacher can interview at as many schools as one is able to. An interview does not guarantee a position nor does it guarantee that one will accept the position either. Let’s say that I interview at 5 schools at the Fair, but after the interview I only would like the position at 2 of the schools, I will fill out a form prior to leaving the Fair listing JUST THE 2 SCHOOLS that I would like to go to in my order of preference. I will sign the form and turn it in. By signing the form I am indicating that I am willing to go transfer to any school that I list on the form whether it is my first preference or last preference. If I interview and I don’t like the position, then it will not be on my list and I will not even be considered for the position. At the end of the day, school personnel selection committees (PSC) will turn in a form with the names of the candidates that they would like to hire in order of preference. The teacher forms and the PSC forms will be reviewed by a team made up of representatives of CTU and HR. Preferences will be matched up and notification of who was chosen for what positions will go out within 3 days of the Fair.
Everyone that attends the Voluntary Fair should bring copies of the Interest to Interview Form to have available for any unplanned interviews that may be scheduled that day. 
If you have any questions about the Voluntary Transfer Fair please call MaryAnn Fredrick, Shari Obrenski, or Tracy Radich at the CTU 861-7676 or email them via the CTU or CMSD websites.
On the following page is a list of new principal assignments. If you are interested in an open position at one of these schools, this is the new principal to email your Interest to Interview Form.
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AS OF JULY 21, 2009
AB Hart                          Katherine Bush
Adlai Stevenson              Corina Robinson
Bolton                             Mary Fitzgerald
Carl & Louis Stokes       Fatima Wright
Fullerton                         Charita Buchanan
John Adams                    Donald Jolly
McKinley                        Jason Greathouse
Miles Park                      Marcellus Gray
Scranton                          Julie Hall
South                               Erik Thorson
    Lincoln West and East Clark are still unassigned.