Quolke's Corner 8/10/11

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Tonight (August 10) the Board of Education held a special Board Meeting. Several resolutions were passed, including two specifically dealing with the recall and lay-off of teachers.
Beginning tomorrow, Human Resources will start to recall teachers to most of the 300+ positions that are on the current Open Position List. The resolution was only for the recall of teachers. Eric Gordon did recognize that there is a need/desire for the nurses, social workers, and paraprofessionals that are laid-off to be recalled, but that it is not possible at this time. 
The second resolution gives the CEO and/or his designees the authority to begin preparing another lay-off list. The reason given is that the District will look at the actual number of students that are in the schools when school begins and that if lay-offs are necessary – then members may be laid-off again. The considerations that were specifically mentioned at the Board Meeting were the actual number of students and a two year balanced budget. Our CBA requires that all staffing adjustments (fall necessary transfers) be completed by October 1. Our CBA also requires 30 working days notice of a lay-off. If there are going to be lay-offs in the fall, there will be 30 working days notice and the District is going to be cognizant of the October 1 necessary transfer deadline.
That being said, this is a positive step forward. We need to have teachers in every classroom to ensure an orderly, safe, and instructionally sound beginning of the school year. We need to continue the academic progress that has taken place over the last several years. We need to continue all of the great work that we all do with the children that we teach/tutor/heal/counsel/mentor/aid/challenge each and every day.
This has been a busy day and I have many thoughts on what transpired tonight and I will share those with you in the coming days and weeks. 
The actual recalling of teachers is expected to take Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. A representative from HR will call members. If a member is not able to be reached a letter will be mailed to his/her home. Please do not call HR to see if you will be recalled. Members are called in order by certification and if you are calling HR – they can not call out. Last year, phone lines were jammed and there were times that no one in HR could make an outgoing call. Please be patient. It is a slow process, but one that needs to be so that it is accurate. I will send out an update each day.
In Union,