Quolke's Corner 8/12/11

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As of last evening (August 11) an initial phone call had been made to all 365 teachers identified for recall. There are some identified for recall that were not able to be reached due to disconnected numbers, etc. HR representatives will check the system for alternative numbers and try to re-reach those members today. Messages had to be left for several laid-off members and call backs to those members will also happen today. If by some chance HR is unable to reach a recalled member via phone, a letter will be sent in the


mail today.

This means that most people that are going to be recalled, were contacted yesterday. If a member that is called, declines the recall – the next member on the list is called. These people will be contacted today.
The CTU does not yet have a list of recalls. I know people have called the office to see if they may have been missed. We do not have that information yet. We anticipate getting that information from HR over the weekend.
I will send more information over the weekend.