January 1st 2014 update regarding the Cleveland Differentiated Compensation System

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As you all are preparing to depart for what we hope will be a joyous and restful winter break, the members of the CDCS Joint Oversight Committee are honoring our commitment to all of you to share the work that we have completed on the system to this point.  We are excited to be able to provide you with much of the information so many of you have requested with regard to the four areas that we were tasked by the Collective Bargaining Agreement to tackle by January:  Meeting Goals, Assignment, Eligible College Coursework and Educator Licensure and Status. 

You will see that there are concrete rewards attached to successfully completing the hard work that you are doing each and every day in your classrooms to move Cleveland’s children forward. These compensation pathways are available to reward excellence in education above and beyond your base salary.

While the majority of these first four areas are complete, there is still work to be done on the system as we head into the New Year.  Given the importance of getting this right, this is a work in progress.  We will have more information for you throughout the month of January and beyond. 

We know that the information we are providing to you today may require further explanation.  To that end, our Joint Oversight Committee and Joint Governing Panel will be communicating with you in many ways in the weeks and months to come--including face-to-face meetings--to provide details and answer questions you may have about the CDCS.

For now, we hope that you take a few minutes to read through this information and take the rest of your time over the next two weeks to rejuvenate and enjoy this time with your friends and family.  Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do and have a very happy holiday!

Christine and Shari

Cleveland Differentiated Compensation System (CDCS)**

Menu of Achievement Credits (ACs)

Note:  Achievement Credits are made available in two forms:  Base Building ACs and Supplemental Differentiated Stipends.

Base Building ACs – credits when accumulated to a total of fifteen (15) are submitted to move you forward one level on CDCS scale.

Supplemental Differentiated Stipends are one-time payments.

Annual Performance Rating   (TDES)                                                                     Base-Building AC

  • 15 AC’s            Accomplished Rating
  • 8 AC’s              Skilled Rating
  • 5 AC’s              Developing Rating
  • 0 AC’s              Any rating below ineffective

Meeting goals                                                                                                            

Meeting or exceeding building goals set through AAP process. 

  • Meeting goals                                                                                                        $1,250.00


  • PI Goal           If the 2012-2013 PI <108, + 5 pts

If the 2012-2013 PI> 108, Maintain the same or greater

  • On Track          % of current K-3 students who are not reading at grade

level to read at or above grade level as defined by CMSD targets aligned to Star Early Literacy and STAR Literacy Assessment Data

  • Kindergarten average gain of 150 pts or more (Star Early Literacy)
  • 1st grade average gain of 125 pts or more (Star Early Literacy)
  • 2nd grade average gain of 300 pts or more (Star Literacy)
  • 3rd grade average gain of 175 pts or more (Star Literacy)

High School

  • PI Goal           If the 2012-2013 PI <108, + 5 pts

If the 2012-2013 PI> 108, Maintain the same or greater

  • On Track         % of current high school students who are off-track to

graduate, to be on-track to graduate at the conclusion of their 4th year of high school as defined by credit accumulation and OGT/NWEA targets at the beginning of the year:                         

  9th grade - 6 credits & NWEA Benchmark

10th grade – 12 credits & OGT Benchmark

11th grade – 18 credits & OGT (passed)

12th grade – 22 credits & OGT (passed)

CTU Members working in multiple worksites will be prorated per percentage of time at the worksite receiving the award.

  • Improvement on District selected items on Conditions for Learning Survey   $ 900.00
    • Achieve an increase of 1+, in the proportion of combined adequate and excellent responses on each of the 4 CFL Scales: Safe and Respectful Climate, Challenge, Student Support, Social and Emotional Learning.
  • Individual Teacher Attendance at or above 95%                                                       TBD*


Approved / Required PD

Military Leave

Jury Duty


  • Teaching in a hard-to-staff school                                                                         $1,000.00
  • Teaching in a hard-to-staff grade level or subject matter                                    $1,000.00
    • Hard-to-staff is determined by the Board of Education

Eligible College Coursework

  • Master’s Degree Attainment                                                                                $15,750.00
    • If a teacher is enrolled in an eligible degree program prior to February 1, 2013, credits earned pursuant to that program.  This does not apply to teachers whose degree is paid in part or whole by the Alternate Licensure Program via RttT.
  • Program must be completed two (2) years from official notification from Human Resources.
  • Eligible College Coursework – Approved College Coursework                                  TBD*
  • Educator Licensure Status – Senior Professional Educator License                      $1,000.00
  • Upon attainment or first renewal if not previously compensated.
  • Discussion underway as to ability to select AC value instead of the supplemental differentiated stipend*
  • Educator Licensure Status – Lead Professional Educator License                            $800.00
  • Upon attainment or first renewal if not previously compensated.
  • Educator Licensure Status – Master Teacher Status                                                TBD*

* Further information coming in January, 2014.

** The provisions are currently for classroom teachers. CTU Related Service Providers and Paraprofessionals are not eligible for ACs until the 2014 – 2015 School Year when they are placed on CDCS according to the Collective Bargaining Agreement.