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Wellness Info & Forms

Dear CTU Brothers & Sisters,

As we begin summer, it is never too early to thinking of Wellness.  The negotiated Wellness discount for health insurance rates (Medical Mutual, Aetna, and UH Choice) will apply to 2019 rates and 2020 rates, but remember that the Wellness check must be done annually.  It is a great way to save money (health care costs will only continue to rise) and it is good to see your doctor to monitor and maintain good health.  The same forms will be used this year as last year to document a Wellness visit. I know some members (including myself) that already had their Wellness check completed over Winter Break (Wellness appointments must occur between 11/1/17-10/31/18).

Members and those covered on their health care have one free preventative visit annually.  Just make sure that when you schedule your appointment it is scheduled as a Wellness visit and tell the nurse what you need (Biometric testing consisting of Body Mass Index (BMI), glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol testing).  Show you Doctor your completed health risk assessment and have them sign the Physicians Certification Form.

*NOTE: CTU Recommends that you email back your signed Physician Certification Form.  Do not have the doctor return the paperwork.  When you submit it yourself all email communication goes directly to you.  You do not email back your Health Risk Assessment – only return the signed Physician Certification.

Over 3,000 members and covered spouses took advantage of the new Wellness program and have kept their healthcare premiums at the 2017 rates.  All healthcare rates did increase, although not as much as one would expect.  The rates that we pay are up to 10% of the monthly premium (COBRA equivalency) capped at $100 for single and $220 for family (Aetna and Medical Mutual) and capped at $50 single and $120 family for UHChoice for those not participating in Wellness.  If you participate in Wellness the rates drop to $75 for single and $170 for family (Aetna and Medical Mutual) and $35 and $100 for UH Choice.

Open Enrollment will not start until November of 2018 but CTU wants to make sure everyone is aware Wellness must be done annually and we strongly advise getting it completed sooner rather than later. 

In Union,


CMSD 2018 Wellness form (PDF download)

Physician Health Risk form (PDF document)

CMSD Insurance Information Contacts

Medical Mutual


CMSD Human Resources

David Staufeneger








Cleveland Teachers Union

Michael Kulcsar

216-861-676 ext.224



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U H Choice

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