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Below are two resources that you can download regarding Student Growth Measures

Assigned Student Growth Measures Appendix D (PDF Download)

Overview of SGM 2018-19 (PowerPoint download)

SLO Flowchart (PDF Download)


Dear CTU Brothers & Sisters,

As we begin summer, it is never too early to thinking of Wellness.  The negotiated Wellness discount for health insurance rates (Medical Mutual, Aetna, and UH Choice) will apply to 2019 rates and 2020 rates, but remember that the Wellness check must be done annually.  It is a great way to save money (health care costs will only continue to rise) and it is good to see your doctor to monitor and maintain good health.  The same forms will be used this year as last year to document a Wellness visit. I know some members (including myself) that already had their Wellness